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We take companies from product ideas to real business plans and execution.

Pivotal Path, LLC
Pivotal Path helps business executives define and implement their company’s roadmap to the future. Whether the needs are business planning and strategy, new product and market definition, or improving and formalizing business processes, Pivotal Path has the expertise to support your initiative.  
Do you ever find yourself thinking: 
  • We have great ideas, but not sure what to do next with the company and/or product
  • Planning is not a strength for us, need help or a roadmap
  • What is Digital Transformation?
  • Need help defining product, new markets
  • Need help with vision or roadmap to the future
  • Too busy running the business, no time to sit back and plan the future
Pivotal Path, LLC is a business consulting company that helps you to make the decisions that matter most. Whether it is business planning for capital funding or new product development our years of experience can help. We provide product planning/definition, business case development, marketing and business analysis consulting services to high technology companies and startups.

Our consulting practice is deliverables based and we let the information speak for itself. We don’t just gather information and tell you what you want to hear, we synthesize it into business models and tools that work for you. Confidently make decisions based on the best information available. For you, this means delivering products and services that enable you to optimize your business, increase revenue and lower your costs.